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Interest in M2M and the IoT is emerging quickly. Businesses and consumers includes public sector organizations are becoming acquainted of the returns from the use of these technologies. IoT mobile app development provides more control and information from surrounding environments. With the help of the IoT technologies one can control devices at home through Home control and automation, can manage traffic/parking management or monitor & control applications and processes in industrial production.


Let us take a scenario where this IoT can be applied. Your children are moving around city and you are worried about his driving and mobile phone usage. And you’d like to know the factual time & location of your kid and what speed they may be driving now and are they using phone texting while driving. We can answer all these questions by using GPS data from your children mobile device, monitoring data transmission in your children mobile. This IoT app will send data in real time to a central system. The central system will superimpose the data coming from children mobile like Maps and Dashboard alerts to your phone through the Internet.

This is just one example of where IoT technology can be applied. There are more real world situations where we can use IoT.


Machine-to-Machine Software Development will solve most of these IoT challenges. This signifies a key opportunity for app developers, service providers, and equipment vendors. Even though the potential size of the market varies, we all agree that it is a billion dollar prospect and opportunity.


    • Utility Consumption Tracker
    • Smart Home Automation
    • Security Tracking System
    • iBeacon
    • Device Content Tracking
    • Drone Applications
    • Speed Monitoring
    • Industrial Applications
    • And more…


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